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Technology has reshaped the way business is run. Regardless of the size of your company, the way you reach and serve  your customers, or how you develop, manufacture and distribute products, you are most likely depenent on a series of business applications to stay competitive.

At Cross Point Solutions we understand that your organization needs the most cost-effective and robust business IT platform that meets your unique business requirments.

Our solutions combine the best packaged and custom designed applications and services that give you the IT foundation needed to outperform your competition.

CRM Solutions

Anywhere Access to Critical Data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online equips your business professionals with anywhere access to customer information through an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook experience that delivers enhanced collaboration and real-time business insights.

Optimize your sales efforts with the familiar and intelligent features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of a highly intuitive interface and embedded Microsoft Office capabilities to increase time with customers, shorten sales cycles, and increase close rates.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give you the opportunity to do the following:

  • Improve sales planning and management
  • Manage opportunities effectively
  • Streamline account management
  • Boost sales productivity
  • Enhance pipeline management
  • Simplify workflow processes
  • Leverage Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Gain visibility and improve decision making

Cloud Solutions

Make Productivity Easier Give everyone endless ways to work and collaborate – from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Microsoft CRM online Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Azure for Cloud Platform Microsft Intune for Managment and Security.


WealthGen for Wealth Management

Integrated open platform designed to allow your RIA or IBD practice lay the foundation for growth.  Manage branches and offices efficiently while addressing regulatory needs of your company.


Business Intelligence

Making smarter, fact-based decisions requires more than analysis; it requires deep, customer-centric, context-rich understanding.

Our solutions from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM help you transform data into Business Insight.


Enterprise Data Management

Data is the now the blood line of decision making. Our MDM solutions show you how to manage the complexity of data capture and integration