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Enterprise Data Management

Data is the fuel that drives the financial services industry. Without it, organizations would cease to function. It is data that ensures that every system and every process within the organization functions at an optimal level. Data is mission-critical because it does the following:

  • Influences every decision
  • Powers risk management
  • Offers insight into markets, products, services, customers and counterparties
  • Pinpoints a company’s positions, exposures, and available liquidity
  • Is demanded by regulators and auditors

As the markets change, the volume of data to be managed increases, adding greater complexity to the process. Data management has for too long been regarded as an infrastructure problem for IT to solve. But this is changing.

The reality is that data management is as central to successful, sustainable operations as risk management. Data management is not a technology or a tool – it is a business enabler. At Cross Point Solutions, we view data management as a critical process that ensures that essential business decisions are based on accurate, consistent and verifiable information.

Our solutions are focused on distributing the most operationally significant data to the right people at the right time, improving the performance of critical systems and processes, and providing the tools to help firms navigate a complex, constantly changing market landscape.