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Managing the supply chain process is becoming more and more complex. Success requires change from managing individual functions to integrating activities among key supply chain processes. This paradigm shift goes beyond simple sales forecasting requiring collaboration among all functions of the company and key partners to maintain a competitive edge in meeting customer demands while lowering logistics and warehousing costs.

BlueLogistics is a web-based supply chain automation software designed to easily integrate with existing ERP and inventory management systems to automate replenishment processes and optimize inventory levels. The application combines demand management and replenishment features to allow collaboration among Sales, Operations, Logistics and Purchasing divisions and provide the right amount of automation to ensure a robust system that meets all company needs. Combined with powerful reporting and analytic tools, BlueLogistics provides real-time and integrated information to all parts of the organization to proactively manage your business.

BlueLogistics features include:

  • Just-in-time inventory management
  • Collaborative demand planning and forecasting
  • Role-based access and workflow processing
  • Executive dashboards and exception reporting
  • Container load optimization
  • Exception alerts
  • Integrated TMS functions including
  • Truck Load and LTL Transportation Management
  • Route selection and management
  • Automated carrier notification
  • Cost analysis and invoice reconciliation


System Platform BlueLogistics is a .NET solution built on the cost effective and highly scalable Microsoft server platform using Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft SQL server 2005 and Office applications. The SQL Server provides a highly scalable platform for providing data warehousing and integration point for all enterprise data regardless of their source. In addition the system utilizes the award winning Predictive Analytic solution from SPSS Software for advanced statistical modeling for forecasting and time series analysis.


Forecast Accurately

The demand planning feature of BlueLogistics combines historic and real-time sales, inventory and purchasing transactions with advanced statistical modeling and forecasting algorithms to provide a collaborative and easy-to-use system for all participants in the company. Information from an existing ERP system can be combined with direct input from the sales team to provide accurate forecasts that reflect information from all parts of the company including Sales, Logistics and Purchasing. Forecasts can be analyzed in real-time and processed to optimized replenishment processes and orders that minimize overall warehousing costs by making sure that the right quantity of inventory is available at the time the customer requires that inventory.

Container Load Optimization

How do you manage ordering the right replenishment quantities while minimizing the overall shipping costs?

BlueLogistics provides inventory optimization features that combine advanced business roles, key vendor performance indicators and optimization algorithms to allow you to combine items from one or more vendors into a proper mix of items to fully utilize the space available in a container. Your replenishment orders are created with the end-result in mind so you are not bound by your vendor assumptions or practices. Replenishment orders are created with the right quantities with the right mix of items to fill each container while adhering to your just-in-time forecasting.

Results: lower warehousing and transportation costs while meeting customer demand without stock-outs.

Bottom line, lower warehousing costs and reduced stock outs—Just in-time Inventory.